SOS0068 Discussing the office rulebook

Bitch Boss Scorpion is sat at her desk when Bert enters, and he isn’t very happy.  He’s been passed over for promotion in favour of Scorpion, and he foolishly suggests that its due to the fact that she wears a short skirt.


After some more heated debate after future promotions she grabs him by his tie and decides to show him exactly how is boss.  He idiotically starts to quote the office rulebook, after Scorpion has thrown him to the carpet, so she gives him a lesson as to what life will be like for him being her subordinate as she sits astride him and delivers front and reverse facesits, as well as full ass smothering.


Perhaps Scorpion should be quoting the rulebook at him, as he seems to have fallen asleep on the job?


Scorpion wears a white blouse, red bra, animal print skirt, flesh coloured pantyhose, with black high heels.

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