SOS0069 Scorpion is The Boss

Scorpion has had to call one of her employees into her office.  She’s not happy with his poor performance, and also has heard that apparently he’s been referring to her as a bitch to other members of staff.


It seems that this poor fellow has some serious making up to do, how will she make him do it?


Well for a start she commands him to get on his knees before her.  She gets him to remove her shoes and massage her feet.  Rubbing the soles and arch, before kissing them repeatedly.


Then she gets him to lick them, firstly the soles and then in between and around the toes.  Finally she forces him to take her entire foot into his mouth.  Satisfied that he has been completely humiliated she makes him put her shoe back on and dismisses him.


Scorpion wears a blue blouse, with black halter top, black leather skirt, navy blue high heels with matching painted toenails.  

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