SOS0070 Shiny scissorhold total domination

Bert enters Scorpion’s lair to take on the leader of the Sisterhood of Sin on the wrestling mats.  He very quickly realises that this is a huge mistake, as Scorpion is keen to teach him a lesson.  Resplendent in her shiny gold swimsuit she takes him down and subjects him to her powerful thighs.


Scorpion traps and punishes him in a variety of headscissors both front and reverse, as well as subjecting him to prolonged facesits.  She takes great delight in torturing him and all Bert can do is beg her to stop.


Eventually she does but only after performing a split legged facesit, better luck next time Bert!


Scorpion wears a shiny gold swimsuit with 60 denier shimmer shiny pantyhose/tights

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