SOS0071 Seamless pantyhose facesit

Scorpion and her boyfriend are sitting on the bed, and she isn’t happy.  Once again he’s going to play golf when things need doing around the house.  He promises her that he will come straight back and do them, but she doesn’t believe him.


Just when he thinks he has suckered him, as he gets up to go to golf with the lads she pounces trapping him between her pantyhose clad powerful legs and squeezing his head hard, doesn’t look like he’s going to escape to golf with the lads now after all.


She drags him into the centre of the bed and plants herself firmly on his face in a breath denying full facesit.  While he’s been swanning off to golf, she has been down the gym working on her powerful legs.


He’ll think twice about shirking off with his golfing buddies again as she puts him through the wringer, the facesits are intermixed with headlocks, headscissors, but its one last full facesit which ends the discussion.  Time for some chores, and this time there will be no debate about it!

Scorpion wears black lingerie with black Marks & Spencer 40 denier seamless pantyhose/tights

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