SOS0072 Lady Godiva joins The Sisterhood

Scorpion is interviewing the latest to The Sisterhood of Sin, Lady Godiva, a professional dominatrix who loves making men suffer!  Lady Godiva epitomises her name sake with a classy English accent and beautiful long blonde hair. Scorpion checks out that Lady Godiva has the essential requirement for any new recruit, and checks out her thighs.  Scorpion immediately spots that Lady Godiva is a horse rider and is confident that Lady Godiva has the right assets.  Now onto the second part of the interview where Scorpion demonstrates how to apply a scissorhold on a victim who is also making his first visit to the Sisterhood.


Scorpion begins by demonstrating a front scissorhold, which very quickly has the victim tapping out and perspiring profusely.  Lady Godiva then follows suit and also has the victim tapping.


What follows is thorough assessment of Lady Godiva’s abilities, as first Scorpion demonstrates and then Lady Godiva follows as she is shown an array of front, side, and reverse headscissors, as well as figure-four headscissors and how to incorporate facesits.


At the end Scorpion is very satisfied with lady Godiva’s abilities and is confident that Lady Godiva will be visiting the Sisterhood of Sin again in the future.


Lady Godiva wears a white blouse with black & grey short skirt and sheer black 10 denier pantyhose/tights

Scorpion wears a black and white vertical striped blouse with black skirt and Falke Pure Shine 15 Brasil pantyhose/tights

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