SOS0073 Leotard & Fishnets - pin and facesit

Scorpion appears in this special challenge match where is her victim cannot escape the pin then he has to endure breath sapping facesits.  It’s pretty clear from the start that the hapless victim stands no chance in this challenge match, and that he has in reality consigned himself to prolonged facesitting torture.


This is an annihilation of epic proportions and Scorpion’s glee is evident as she relentlessly punishes her pathetic male victim.  She gives him a chance but even then he cannot shift her and escape the pin.


The facesits are brutal and his whimpering only eggs Scorpion on to make him suffer more.  She smothers him with her stomach and even pulls his hair to try and get him to develop some fight, but all he can do is wriggle beneath and hope that the punishment will end, and end it does after a reverse facesit, and an almost sobbing admission that he shouldn’t challenge powerful dominant women.


Scorpion wears black fishnet pantyhose/tights with shiny black thong leotard

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