SOS0074 Wolford Yoga Workout

If you like Pantyhose then this is the video for you.  It begins with Scorpion opening a pack of Black Wolford Neon 40 denier pantyhose/tights.  The camera captures every aspect and she puts on her tights, first one foot, then the other, pulling the pantyhose over each leg and up around her waist, ensuring they are nice and tight with no loose folds.  Once this is done to her exacting satisfaction, she is finally ready for her Yoga Workout.


Scorpion then goes through a series of stretches, and it's evident to see why these particular pantyhose are her favourites, they perfectly accentuate every part of her long, muscular legs and feet.  When Scorpion turns the Wolford’s show off to absolute perfection her arse.


Not only is this a showcase for these Wolford tights but also Scorpion’s assets that make her feared in the Sisterhood from her perfect feet, to her defined calves, to her head crushing thighs and her breath sapping arse.


By the end of this video if you are not a fan of these pantyhose or devotee of Scorpion then you should get your head examined.


Scorpion wears a black bra with Black Wolford Neon 40 denier pantyhose/tights

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