SOS0075 Wolford domination at the office - scissorhold & facesit

Bitch Boss Scorpion is sat at her desk when office jobsworth Bert enters.  Scorpion has summoned him as he is needed for a new work project, she tells him to get down on his knees in front of her.


For this project is important for Bert to take off Scorpion’s shoes, something that at first attempt he can’t even do correctly, so she makes him do it again, berating him for his ineptitude.  Once the shoes have been taken off correctly it’s time for the next part of the project.  She tells him to rub her feet, and he foolishly starts quoting the office rulebook again, and questions her.  He obviously didn’t learn from the last time, as she strangles him with her feet.  “My feet need a damn good massage, and not with your neck, but with your hands” she tells him.


He continues to be noncompliant, so whilst still seated on her office chair she pulls his head in between her thighs and squeezes hard before taking him down to the floor for more punishment.  Scorpion punishes him with headscissors and with her wolford clad feet, until reluctantly he submits and begins to rub her feet.


Foolishly Bert tries to make a dash for the office door and freedom…. Bad move Bert!


A tight reverse headscissors squeezes any further thought of rebellion or resistance out of his mind, and he submits to Scorpion and rubs her feet like a good office slave.


Scorpion wears a white blouse and animal print skirt with Nude Wolford Neon 40 denier pantyhose/tights

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