SOS0076 Kidnapped - Luna - Jade - Scorpion

Kidnapped features Scorpion, Luna and Jade in a story of greed and betrayal. This super length storyline video is our most ambitious production to date utilising numerous sets, costumes and props and was a custom order which we are now able to share with the rest of the Sisterhood of Sin’s fans.


The action begins on a deserted industrial estate where Luna is on the telephone to her boss, when Scorpion ambushes her and kidnaps her taking her to a safehouse belonging to the money hungry Jade.


Luna is stripped to her bra and panties and put in restraints and gagged but not before planting a seed that Jade could make more money by negotiating with Luna’s employer and betraying Scorpion.


And now the game is afoot as alliances are forged, broken and reforged.  Each participant gains the upperhand in this cat and mouse game, but will it be the chiseled Luna, the ruthless Scorpion or evil Jade who comes out on top!  It’s an action packed movie featuring female wrestling, restraints, gagging, drugging, BDSM and erotic overtones.


This 45 minute opus should be in every fan’s of these three beautiful ladies collection, and at less than $30 is an absolute steal!


Luna initially wears a biker jacket with leggings,  and later black bra and panties

Scorpion initially wears a black full length catsuit and later black halter bra and panties

Jade initially wears a shiny black front tie bondage suit and later blue bra and panties


*please note due to a technical fault the first 60 seconds of the video is missing the sound.

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