SOS0077 Interview at the Sisterhood - James

This is the full clip of James’s Interview at the Sisterhood of Sin previously released in two parts - SOS0050 & SOS0053.


It’s time for a new male victim at the Sisterhood of Sin. So like all new recruits he has to go through an interview. Scorpion asks him some basic questions then invites him for the physical part of the interview - The Scissor and Facesit Test.


Scorpion explains that the Sisterhood uses various methods to control men - scissorholds, facesitting and foot domination -

James is being pretty cocky so Scorpion decides to be a little rougher with him as she demonstrates the techniques: front headscissor, front figure four (with extra smother factor), front facesit, reverse figure four, reverse headscissors, reverse facesit


Now it is time for the Foot Domination Section - let’s see how James copes against Scorpion’s deadly feet….


Foot choke - Scorpion puts her foot across his windpipe, crushing him with her full weight


Foot gag - James looks a little pale when Scorpion mentions this part of this test...good! She forces her foot deep into his mouth and the tears stream from his eyes


Scorpion wears black leather skirt, black satin t-shirt with black Wolford Neon 40 denier pantyhose/tights

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