SOS0079 Squeeze the life out of him Scorpion - with trampling finish

A new male victim makes his first appearance at the Sisterhood of Sin.  He’s stepped into the wrong room and come face to face with Scorpion, a mistake he is going to regret.  She chokes him up against the wall before taking him down to the mats for some scissorhold punishment.


The poor victim doesn’t know what’s hit him as he is subjected to a torturous collection of scissorholds and chokes.  The punishment includes front, reverse and figure four headscissors coupled with facesits, which are a reprieve from those powerful thighs squeezing his head like a melon.  The poor male looks truly traumatised by the scissor domination he is receiving, Scorpion’s scissors are to be feared as this male victim found out today.


His punishment isn’t over however as Scorpion stamps on his stomach and rubs her feet over his face before standing on him with her full weight.  She sticks her feet in his mouth, slaps him and then carries on standing on him, even bouncing whilst stood upon his chest.


By the end of his punishment he is a whimpering mess on the floor.


This is the full version of SOS0078 including trampling finish.


Scorpion wears a full body black shiny catsuit with stirrupped feet

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