SOS0081 Humiliated by the women at the office - Lady Godiva & Scorpion

Bitch Boss Scorpion is sat at her desk pondering what to do with the office dinosaur David.  He’s been generally being a male chauvinist pig with his lewd comments and inappropriate subtle (not) touching of some of his female co-workers.


Unfortunately for David, disciplinary matters at Scorpion Enterprises are handled slightly different from other companies as he is about to find out to his cost as he is summoned to see Scorpion.


She forces him down to the carpet and gives him a standing headscissors, as he lies on the carpet in pain she kneels on his chest whilst she removes her heels, all the time verbally belittling him.


She shoves his head tight into her crotch and wraps her strong legs around his neck in a side headscissors, he gasps for air and struggles to escape as his face begins to turn red.


As she continues to punish me with strangling scissors, Scorpion decides to invite one of his co-workers who has had to ensure his dinosaur like behaviour.


Lady Godiva arrives and soon poor David is enduring being punished by two women.  At one point as he is being squeezed in a headscissors by Scorpion whilst being simultaneously breast smothered by Lady Godiva.


Soon it is Lady Godiva’s powerful thighs squeezing his head like a grapefruit whilst Scorpion finds her phone.  Both ladies pose for selfies to share with the other office women showing off their punishment of David, to embarrass him further.


The end comes as each woman takes turn scissoring his head whilst the other sits on his face.  Another successful disciplinary at Scorpion HQ!


Lady Godiva wears a white blouse with black & grey short skirt and sheer black 10 denier pantyhose/tights

Scorpion wears a black and white vertical striped blouse with black skirt and Falke Pure Shine 15 Brasil pantyhose/tights

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