SOS0082 Forced foot worship

Scorpion is relaxing on the sofa, the camera pans from her shiny black heels and follows the contours of her shiny black leather clad legs up to her purple blouse and back again.


Uncle Steve gets in from work and wants to relax but if Scorpion has to put up with him staying with her then she has chores for him to do.  She has finally broken his will and commands him to worship her feet.  One by one he unties the laces of her shoes and removes them, he then expertly massages her feet, firmly kneading the soles, and deftly rubs them.


Following the massage she commands him to kiss her feet, unsatisfied with his lacklustre kissing of her red painted toenails, she forces her feet in his face and gets him to kiss them properly.


Still not satisfied she forces on her of her feet in his mouth before squeezing both his neck and pinching his nose with her toes, before making him kiss them again.


Scorpion wears a purple shiny blouse, black shiny leather leggings, black tie-up high heels (which are removed) and scarlet painted toe nails.

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