SOS0083 Initiation at the gym

Scorpion is waiting to evaluate a new recruit at the gym, he enters and it's pretty obvious immediately that he out of shape.  She tells him to show her some push-ups.  She places one foot on his back and forces him down and back up again.  

“You're not making this easy?” he says.  

“It’s not meant to be easy” replies Scorpion before kicking him in the ribs while he continues to do his push ups.


He doesn’t even manage ten, so she scissors his head, and at this point he realises that this isn’t a normal gym, this is the Sisterhood of Sin Platinum program, and it’s time for another ten!


Between repetitions he is made to kiss Scorpion’s foot, this appears to improve his form, and he finally manages ten.


Next is the kettlebell swing, and at first it appears easy, and not too bad, but this is the Platinum program, and each time he swings the kettlebell above his head he receives a gut check in the form of either a wicked kick or punch to his flabby belly.


As gasps for air on his hands and knees, he receives punishment in form of a standing headscissors, and is told he will be punished every time he complains.


Next onto the plank.  He is told to hold it until she says to stop.  Whilst he tries his hardest to hold the position he receives kicks to his stomach, and back heels to the ribs, until he can hold it no longer and drops to the floor.


Now is time for sit-ups he thinks he could manage one, but what he has failed to realise is that he must perform a sit-up while Scorpion facesits him, and for each failure or for each complaint he will receive a belly punch.  Unsurprisingly he fails the allotted task.


His final assessment is V-sits whilst being headscissored, he starts off well until Scorpion changes to a figure-four headscissors and he has to tap as the torque and pressure is too much.


Scorpion needs to write-up her notes following his pathetic effort during his first session, but alas there are no chairs available so she uses his face to sit on whilst she fills in the paperwork.


After every gym session it's important stretch out to avoid seizing up so Scorpion helps him stretch in a Bow and Arrow, a camel clutch and a full nelson, because she is kind like that.


See you for your next workout!


Scorpion wears an animal print sports bra, grey and black yoga pant and bare feet.

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