SOS0084 Housewife scissors stupid builder

Scorpion is reading her magazine on the sofa when Bert the Builder comes in to give her the unfortunate news that her roofing work is going to take longer.  He then makes the cardinal sin of referring to Scorpion as babe, and this is something she is going to show him she is not happy about.


She wraps her hand round his throat and throws him to the sofa and then wraps her thighs around his head squeezing tightly.  She briefly sits on his face before adjusting her position and applying a reverse headscissors.


She decides to aggressively negotiate a price reduction with Bert the Builder and uses her muscled thighs to do so. His hair is yanked to bring him deeper into her powerful thighs, and as much as struggles to escape he is helplessly trapped.


Subjected to a plethora of headscissors, reverse headscissors and facesits he is powerless to do anything but to submit to her demands, until blissfully he is asleep between the legs of the unhappy housewife.


Scorpion wears a blue blouse, white short skirt, and blue heels.

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