SOS0085 Wolford Facesit with bonus footage

If you are a Scorpion fan, then by now you should know that her favourite pantyhose are Wolfords, and if you are a pantyhose fan or a facesitting fan then this clip is for you.


It begins with Scorpion opening a fresh pack of Wolford Neon 40’s, and you get to watch as she takes them out of the packet, delicately rolls up the first leg and takes one purple pedicured foot and rolls it up her sculpted leg.  Then she rolls up the second leg and places the other foot into the fresh Wolford’s and rolls it up her leg.  This a special treat from Scorpion for her pantyhose fans as you get to see her sexily put on her Wolford’s before she sully's them on her male facesitting victim.


Whilst the next part features facesitting and Scorpion, it’s the Wolford Neon 40’s which steal the show as the camera never moves strays far from the action which consists of Scorpion’s beautiful rear engulfing her victim’s face in front and reverse facesits.  It’s easy to see why these particular pantyhose are Scorpion’s favourites they greatly compliment her figure and show off her legs, feet and ass in all their glory.


Scorpion wears black bra and panties, purple pedicured barefeet, and of course Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose.

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