SOS0086 First oil wrestle - Scorpion in pantyhose

Scorpion has a special treat planned for date night with her boyfriend, Bert.  The first is that she is wearing pantyhose, which as Bert comments “are silky”, the second is they are going to try some oil wrestling using coconut oil.


They oil each other up making sure no part is missed, taking their time time enjoying the shine it gives to each other’s skin, and also the feeling as it not one inch is forgotten.

They begin to wrestle and any hope that oil would be an equalizer for Bert is quickly forgotten, and time and time again he gets trapped in head crushing scissors, breast smothers and grapevines..


The oil gets trapped in the feet of the pantyhose creating a white goo which he is forced to lick from Scorpion’s feet.  She gives him a chance after making him rub more oil into her bum, but it is short lived as she traps him in her powerful thighs and makes him lick the soles of her feet with the oil congealed in the pantyhose as punishment for losing.


Scorpion wears black bra and panties with silver filigree, with pink pedicured toe nails and Platino nude (Caresse) cleancut 15 denier pantyhose, and copious amounts of coconut oil.

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