SOS0088 BBW Madam Cruella - Facesit in shiny pantyhose

Beautiful BBW Madam Cruella has had enough of her boyfriend, he hasn’t stopped chatting all day, and her patience has run out.  She drags him to her bedroom by his t-shirt and throws him down to the bed.


She berates him for talking through the movie at the cinema, talking through her favourite TV show and spitting food out of his mouth when eating.


And now he is going to pay!


She takes her magnificent arse and sits with her full weight on his face, laughing at his pathetic attempts to struggle and pinching his nipples.  She pushes him off the bed obviously delighted at punishing him for annoying her.


He climbs back onto the bed and she wraps her thick thighs around his head and squeezes in a tight headscissors, letting him go the humiliation continues as she tells him to kiss her hand, but everytime she gets close she slaps him across the face or head.


Finally she sits on his face one last time before kicking him off the bed, his lesson complete.


Madam Cruella wears nude shiny pantyhose/tights with black satin body.

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