SOS0089 Topless Sativa Sadistically Destroys

Sativa makes her debut at the Sisterhood of Sin, also her first ever topless shoot, as she sadistically and systematically destroys her male victim.


Sativa has ten years of karate training, 7 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, plus she is a trained dancer. That makes her an absolute bombshell, knockout killing machine!


Her victim, Dave, likes to talk big on Twitter but how does he fare against a pissed off Sativa, the answer is not very well.  This clip is not for the faint of heart as poor Dave is punched, slapped, choked, scissored and endures immense punishment at the hands of the super sexy Sativa.


Stinging slaps to the face echo around the Sisterhood of Sin studio as Sativa shows him no mercy forcing him to tap almost immediately to an armbar.  Dave is punched in the gut and treated like a worthless piece of meat as Sativa has her way with him.

She scissors him, showing the definition of her legs muscles whilst verbally humiliating him.  Sativa obviously delights in the punishment she is inflicting, and you will delight in the sight of her perfect breasts on film for the first time.


Sativa spends ten minutes destroying Dave, you can tell that she is loving every single second as she scissors him again and again, crushing his body and head between her thick muscular thighs.


The clip ends prematurely as Sativa’s head-crushing reverse head scissors forces Dave to use his safe word as he can take no more. This was supposed to be a 20 minute clip, sadly Dave couldn’t continue...but we know that Sativa is dying to have that last ten minutes with him...let’s see if we can persuade him to come back...


Sativa wears a black bra-less body, with black fishnet tights and black thigh-high boots


Safety note: At the Sisterhood of Sin we always take into account our limits and safety. Safe words and signals are previously agreed for ALL scenes.

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