SOS0091 Cruel Jeans Facesit - Scorpion

Scorpion is about to give one poor loser a facesitting lesson wearing blue denim jeans, and she is in a bad mood. She sits astride him on the bed and plants her ass on his face, the harsh scratchy denim all over his face.


She is relentless as she cuts off his oxygen supply his nose and face fully engulfed, both front and reverse facesitting is used to punish him.  He constantly apologises to try and escape his punishment but Scorpion isn’t in the forgiving mood.  He struggles beneath her but is firmly escaped under her jean covered rear.


Eventually she grows bored with him, and rolls his pathetic and humiliated form off of the bed confident that he has learnt this lesson.


Scorpion wears a tight blue crop top and blue tight denim jeans.

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