SOS0092 Diamonds are Mine - Blaze vs Scorpion

In this custom video an assassin played by Blaze is trying to eliminate her rival she sneaks into her bedroom pistol ready but when she pulls back the sheets her target isn’t there, the bed is empty.  Scorpion ambushes her from behind and puts a knife to her throat pulling the mask from Blaze’s face.


Blaze is tied to a chair and tape placed across her mouth, Scorpion straddles Blaze admiring her beautiful body, before giving the assassin wicked gut punches.  Scorpion leaves the room to make the necessary arrangements to deal with Blaze.  The moment she leaves Blaze starts to work on her bonds and manages to free herself.  Hiding behind the door she waits, Scorpion renters the room and a high kick sends her to the hard wooden floor, Blaze plants a stiletto heel in the small of her back and it’s Scorpion’s turn to be tied to the chair.  Blaze interrogates her as to the whereabouts of the missing diamonds, placing the muzzle of the pistol into her forehead.  Once Blaze finds out the location she leaves the room to find them, Scorpion escapes her bonds and follows Blaze to the kitchen.


As Blaze rummages around trying to find them Scorpion picks up her gun and catches her unawares.  They agree to fight for the diamonds woman vs woman with no weapons.


This very much a battle of powerful legs and thighs and in the end one woman is scissored and choked into submission, tied to the chair and gagged once more whilst her gloating opponent wafts the diamonds in her face, and leaves her struggling and tied up.


Blaze wears a extremely skin tight black reptilian catsuit with black stiletto boots before changing into a red speedo swimsuit


Scorpion wears a black lycra leotard with black high heels.


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