SOS0094 Car Crush - The Assassin Scorpion Strikes

Scorpion is a deadly female assassin in this specially produced custom clip.  The scene begins with Deviant Dave underneath the pedicured foot of Scorpion on the bed.  She stamps down on his head before grabbing by the ear and dragging him down the stairs.  Scorpion verbally berates him telling him exactly what she is going to do with him.  Once they get outside Scorpion forces Dave to open the car door for her.  Once she is in the car she winds down the window and beckons Deviant Dave over with one finger.  Grabbing him by the head she pulls his head through the car window turns his head and tells him that she is going to kill him by running him over.


She tells him that he is going to make it easy for her and just stand in front of the car, but he disobeys her and runs down the road to try and make his escape.  Scorpion shakes her head and pumps the pedals.  She drives the car into Deviant Dave at speed, and then laughing repeatedly runs over his corpse repeatedly.


This clip features femdom, pedal pumping with focus on Scorpion's feet and calves, and is a fantasy scenario.


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Scorpion wears a white blouse, black leather pencil skirt, high heels and a killer smile.  Scorpion's car wears Deviant Dave roadkill.

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