SOS0095 Megan Jones is The Cuban Crusher - Scissorhold Demolition

Latino sensation, Megan Jones makes her Sisterhood of Sin debut as she takes on Bert on the mats.  Bert makes the mistake of flexing at the Cuban visitor and she immediately makes him pay trapping him in a super tight headscissor forcing a grimacing Bert to tap to her powerful legs.  Megan then gives Bert the headscissor hold lesson of his life, even though he is one of the most experienced mixed wrestlers in the UK, Bert and in particular his neck have never been subjected to such a schooling.


Standing headscissors, triangle chokes, reverse and front headscissors are used to deadly effect, and the only respite comes from being smothered underneath the perfect rounded derriere of the stunning Cuban pornstar.


Bert is a defeated sweaty mess on the mats, whilst Megan Jones flexes her arms, before she walks off the mats in disgust, clearly not impressed with the caliber of the creme dela creme of male challengers in the UK.


Megan Jones wears a shiny white leotard with white shiny stirrup leggings.

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