SOS0098 Tapebound & Squeezed by Scorpion

A foolish man has stumbled into Scorpion’s lair, and by now we all know that it spells doom for this victim.


Scorpion dominates him squeezing his head between her powerful thighs, she chokes and smothers him, he is her plaything and is powerless to resist as she takes delight in torturing him.


After a tight reverse headscissors with his face trapped in her firm ass, she slaps his face and sits astride him while she grabs a roll of black duct tape and traps his arms before placing the tape across his mouth to stifle his groans of pain.


This domination fantasy can only end one way with a taped victim beneath a dominant Scorpion.


Scorpion wears a black lycra leotard with black fishnets

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