SOS0099 Room Mates - Blaze & Scorpion

Two Roommates, Blaze and Scorpion are lying in bed sleeping back to back close to each other in sexy underwear.  One by one they slowly open their eyes, and stare far away while thinking. They try to guess what would be on the other’s mind, and (as usual) they begin testing each other.  They slowly bring their butts close to the point that they touch.. They then push a little harder.  


They slowly begin touching the soles of their feet and rub them gently.  After a while, they start pushing against each other’s as if in a test of strength. They slowly start to look for each other’s  hand and slowly touch palm against palm right next to their bodies and start pushing.  They lock fingers and keep pushing while still back-to-back…


After a couple of minutes of this, they release their tension and turn toward each other still lying in bed.  They face each other, faces very close to each other. Staring into each other’s eyes for a signal.  They bring one hand up and slowly go palm against palm without locking fingers, and gently they exert some resistance.  
Still no sign of a fight.. They raise on leg as well and entwine it with the opponent’s slowly.  Calf against calf, and foot against foot.

Suddenly one of them gets a more serious look and nods with her head.  After a few seconds or so the other one nods as well.   The fight is ON!


They slowly get up to their knees with determined looks arms outstretched, bodies slightly bend forward, and wait a little eyes locked onto the other’s.


They slowly bring their palm together, and start pushing harder.  They open up their fingers, and start pressing only their fingertips.  Their faces start grimacing from the struggle.  Foreheads come closer and occasionally touch, and they begin to breath harder or moan.   The two women are locked in combat.


They bring their arms to the side and now they lock fingers.  Their breasts start coming together.  They begin to grab each other In various slow prolonged grips/tests of strength, like embraces, double head locks, hair pulling, faces coming together, sweat starting to drip on their faces.


The two Roommates are evenly matched, both drenched in sweat they both concede the draw until next time!


Scorpion wears grey bra and panties

Blaze wears silver & grey bra and panties

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