SOS0107 Big black man dominated + humiliated by Laken + Ava Austen

SBM (Superior Black Male) makes his debut at the SOS, give him his due he his a vastly superior physical specimen compared to some of the victims that enter.  He is over confident though and this will be his undoing as he has challenged the returning Laken and newcomer Ava Austen in a 2 vs 1 challenge.  As he will find out this is not the brightest move.


At the start there is a lot of bravado, as the ladies verbal humiliate him, but this does little to dent his inflated male ego.  At first the ladies struggle to control him due to his muscles and size, but once the scissorholds start being applies, the balls get punched and his face gets sat on he knows he is in trouble.


Laken and Ava dominate him and berate him as they work together to subdue and humiliate him. At the start of the match, Laken told him he would kiss their feet, and it is a promise Laken and Ava deliver upon by pushing their feet into his face as he concedes defeat.


Laken wears a black sports bra and panties with black kneepads

Ava Austen wears a white Calvin Klein sports bra and thong panties with white kneepads

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