SOS0112 BBW Scissorhold - Lucrecia dominates in stockings

The wickedly delightful Madam Lucrecia makes a welcome return to the Sisterhood of Sin, and what better way than to dominate and destroy Bert.


The voluptuous and powerful Lucrecia takes great pleasure in wrapping her stocking clad thighs around Bert and demonstrating her dominance by squeezing him relentlessly in scissorholds.


Scissorhold punishment is not enough for her so she also sits on his face, there is little Bert can do in the face her size and strength but squirm and groan on the mats.


Madam Lucrecia is an experienced domme and she expertly demonstrates this here as she dissected Bert on the Sisterhood of Sin mats.


He is left a sweaty mess on the mats as she saunters off to await her next victim.


Madam Lucrecia wears satin black bra and panties with black hold up sheer stockings

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