SOS0159 Wild Women - Ballet Bitches - Laken Fire vs Blaze

Professional dancers Laken and Blaze are rehearsing for an upcoming ballet audition.  As they rehearse knowing that only one will be chosen their jealousy and competitive pride comes into play and it swiftly escalates into a full on Wild Women encounter.


Not only are they competing for a spot but also to see who is the better woman.


As they grapple on the mat gripping each other in tight bearhugs, their powerful dancer legs come into play as they squeeze and scissor each other.


At first Blaze is the more dominant trapping Laken beneath her breast to breast, grinding down on her bitter rival.  Laken manages to reverse it as they roll, grind and scissor on the mat.


Their panting becomes ever more prominent as each dancer is aroused by the close body to body contact.


Is there a winner?  What is guaranteed is that the viewer is most definitely the winner witnessing this intense, sexy battle of two beautiful dancers.


Blaze wears  a black lace leotard, shimmer dance tights, red leg warmers and red ballet flats

Laken wears a nude Lycra leotard, Capezio sheer dance tights, white leg warmers and white ballet flats


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