SOS0161 Amazons fight for supremacy - Chloe Davies, Mistress Maire, Luna Toxxxic

The Glamazon Chloe Davis and Mistress Maire are two dominant alpha females, both over 6ft tall and both powerful.  They meet here at the Sisterhood of Sin to fight for supremacy, with the petite Luna Toxxxic as the prize for the winner.


From the off things do not look good for Mistress Maire as the more experienced and larger Glamazon wraps her thighs around the taller girl squeezing her like a python constricting its prey.


There is little Mistress Maire can do as she is scissored, choked and smothered in an erotic display of superiority by Chloe Davis.


Fortunately for Mistress Maire, and unfortunately for Luna Toxxxic, The Glamazon is happy to share her victory spoils.  Terror is etched across Luna’s face at what is to come.


The petite blonde is sandwiched between two powerful and dominant forces of nature as they ravish her with forced kisses, choke and smother her, and scissor her. She is even squashed between them as they kiss each other.


Eventually the two Mistresses tire of their plaything and Luna is scissored and smothered by Chloe Davis as Mistress Maire kisses her neck.


Mistress Maire wears a leopard print crop top, black thong and black pantyhose

Chloe Davis wears black bra and panties with black pantyhose

Luna Toxxxic wears cream bra and panties


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