SOS0191 Wild Women - Cousins - Luna Toxxxic vs Ms F.Rank

Two petite blonde cousins (Luna Toxxxic and Ms. F.Rank) have an undeniable attraction to each other.  And now they have finally succumbed to their desires and agreed to meet.


We begin with Luna Toxxxic gyrating against the wall, when Ms F.Rank enters and starts to slap Luna’s toned, tight bum before stroking and caressing it.  They switch positions and it’s now Ms F.Rank’s turn for her bum to be admired, groped and worshipped by her cousin, Luna.


They turn to face each other and grind and gyrate against each other’s thighs, as they become more and more aroused the two kissing cousins take it down to their mats, where their tribbing is taken to another level.


The two moan and groan with pleasure as they each try to get the other cousin off, eventually one takes the other one’s back doggy style tribbing her from behind before flipping her over as they both reach climax.


This is one erotically charged custom encounter starring two tattooed, petite blonde bombshells.


Luna Toxxic wears black bra and thong

Ms F.Rank wears black bra and panties


If you want to commission your own fantasy custom don’t hesitate to contact us


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