SOS0202 Smother and Suffer - Davina Carrington takes Syren

Experienced redhead Davina Carrrington (5’7” 69kg) takes on novice blonde Syren (5’6” 58kg) in a Smothers wrestling match on the Sisterhood of Sin mats.  Davina has a weight advantage but expresses a concern in the pre-match introductions that Syren maybe a bit quick for her.


Syren doesn’t seem to be taking things seriously until Davina wraps her strong legs around her and takes her back.  It isn’t long until Syren finds herself trapped and subjected to a smothering facesit from Davina, who unimpressed with the new girl ignores her taps to make her suffer for longer under her ass.


What transpires is a lesson in getting facesat, breast smothered and hand over mouth smothered, as Davina takes Syren to school.  The beautiful blue-eyed model is putty in Davina’s hands as she is absolutely destroyed and made to suffer on the mats by a dominant redhead, who is thoroughly enjoying dismantling the pretty little blonde.


By the end Syren suffers the indignity of a prolonged victory facesit whilst Davina flexes her impressive physique above her.


Davina Carrington wears a black micro bikini

Syren wears a red micro bikini


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