SOS0203 Wild Women - Ballet Bitches - Laken Fire vs Inferno

Two bitchy ballerinas - Laken and Inferno - are both trying to practice in the same dance studio.  They are both vying for the same audition and their rivalry has descended into outright hostility.  


At first brunette, Laken has the dance space to herself as she goes through her stretches and practice.  She nips to powder her nose and Inferno enters and begins to practice until a disgruntled Laken returns.


As they practice they keep “accidentally” bumping into each other, and after some jostling they grab each other in tight bearhugs trying to move their rival out of the way.


Both have finally reached the end of their tethers and now they are going to battle it out.  They roll around tightly entwined in a catball as they test each others strength and flexibility.


Powerful thighs honed and strengthened by their constant ballet practice are put to a different use as they stretch each other out in crotch tearing wide grapevines.  It is difficult to know where one ends and the other begins as they are tightly tangled on the floor, completely intertwined.


Their leotards ride up in between their cheeks and crotches as they are spread wide by their rival.  Eventually one woman can take no more as she is splayed out by her professional rival and concedes not only the conflict but also her contention for the audition, humiliated and humbled.


But is it the beautiful brunette busty, Laken or the alabaster redheaded, Inferno?


Laken wears a pink shiny lycra leotard, shiny pantyhose, black leg warmers and black ballet flats

Inferno wears a beige shiny lycra leotard, nude pantyhose, white leg warmers and white ballet flats


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