SOSNYE Vintage Smother and Suffer - Veve Lane takes Davina Carrington

Veve Lane stretches out in front of Davina Carrington showing she is no push over. Both ladies flex their feet at each other and while the eye contact gets intense. 


Veve announces that she is going to enjoy wearing Davina down...hunting her prey like a boa constrictor. Wrapping her up in her strong legs, waiting for her to exhaust herself from struggling until her heart is pounding and she will feel for their pulse with my feet. Waiting for Davina’s poor worn out heart to bust in VeVe Lane’s clutches.


The redheaded Brit replies that she likes to envelop her victims like a python. That she will use her strength and power to crush her and her favorite bit is when she smothers them while they struggle for air. It brings her an immense amount of pleasure. 


The action is fast as each girl circles each other trying to gain an advantage. Once one is taken the slow fight for domination begins. Using smothering, foot domination, rear naked chokes and erotic wrestling each girl fights for pole position. The action gets too hot for these hotties and they slowly stip down to their lacy lingerie ...barefooted you can see each muscle move, each foot try to dominate each other.


Davina succumbed to Veve lane's charms and is finished off by what remaining energy she has being sucked out of her by a vampire style deadly bite.


Both women in black lingerie, 

First half - covered from top to bottom in pantyhose with hands showing. 

Second half - pantyhose are removed and the wrestling continues in lingerie


VeVe Lane in black pantyhose

Davina in nude  pantyhose

Both women have red finger and toenails


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