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SOS0113 Andrea Rosu vs Scorpion - Wife vs Mistress

Voluptuous redhead Andrea Rosu sits on the end of a hotel bed, her husband has been playing around with another woman, and they’ve decided to meet up to settle the score…. Woman vs woman.

Scorpion enters the room, and immediately comments that Andrea’s husband certainly has a type. Andrea scoffs and says why does he want the facsimile when he can have the real article.

Both women lock fingers in a test of strength they groans of exertion echo around the hotel room, and when this proves inconclusive they kick off their heels.

They next lock-up in a collar and elbow tie-up whilst they verbally spar with each other, and again they are evenly matched so Scorpion resorts to pulling her American rivals hair.

The two rivals undress each other prior to continuing each admiring the others assets. As they still remain evenly matched things are taken to the bed where they bodies become entangled in a series of contests as they bearhug, thigh scissor, scissor and struggle with each other.

Things become hotter and hotter, and even more so when Andrea’s ample assets burst out of her skimpy bra. The two rivals begin to develop a grudging admiration for each other at they are both so evenly matched whilst entangled on the bed.

Will there be a winner? Which woman will come out victorious and claim the prize, the buxom wife or the gym-fit mistress?

Andrea Rosu starts off in a black & red floral dress and black heels before stripping off to see-through black lace bra and thong with metallic gold painted nails.

Scorpion starts off in a black blouse, animal print short skirt and heels before stripping off to blood red bra and thong with peach painted nails.

Andrea’s ample breasts are very much on display throughout this video not so much of a wardrobe malfunction but wardrobe design.

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