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SOS0169 Wild Women - Office Rivals - Davina Carrington vs Princess Nikki

This maybe our steamiest video ever as Princess Nikki makes her SOS debut as an office rival to our resident posh totty Davina Carrington.

The Hungarian blonde is sat at her computer working when a very unhappy Davina enters, she’s heard that the younger upstart Nikki has applied for her job and the British redhead is none too happy about it.

They decide to settle the issues woman to woman, locking up in a test of strength, Davina is taller and stronger, she forces Nikki back up against the office wall, and places a pantyhose clad leg between Nikki’s legs and into her crotch. She rubs her upper thigh against the blonde’s crotch, the friction from the pantyhose causing waves of pleasure to begin building, distracting Princess Nikki.

And so begins a wild encounter with each women taking turns to slam the other against the wall trying to seduce the other and save their job.

Both women use every trick in the book to try and sexually dominate the other with pussy rubbing, breast grabbing, and forced kissing.

Each time it looks like one woman is about the climax she fights out and turns the table on her rival.

Eventually one is lifted onto a desk as her opponent kisses her deep and tribs her to a quivering orgasm but is it the blonde Princess Nikki or the redheaded Davina?

One thing is for sure everyone is a winner as this is a massively erotic contest.

Princess Nikki wears a black open toed heels, black sequined mini skirt, white blouse and white shiny pantyhose, before being stripped to red bra and panties

Davina Carrington wears purple high heels, black and lilac skirt, white blouse and nude shiny pantyhose before being stripped down to white and black bra and black thong

Both women wear their high heels throughout

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