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SOS0206 Wild Women - Wife vs Mistress - Goddess Anastaxia vs Ivy

Beautiful busty blonde, Goddess Anastaxia is sat on the sofa waiting for Brazilian beauty, Ivy, who is a bit bemused as to why she has been invited over. It would seem that Anastaxia has found some messages on her husband’s phone which would suggest that Ivy has been having an affair with the dirty cheating rat, and Anastaxia is none-too pleased about it.

The two women get into a heated debate about the situation and things really escalate when Ivy tries to take Anastaxia’s wedding ring as it’s going to be her’s anyway.

The wife and the mistress begin to struggle over the ring, falling to the sofa. They stand and wrap their arms around each other in a tight bearhug, impressive bust versus impressive bust before taking things to the floor in a tangle of tanned muscled thighs.

They roll around the floor, on-top of the sofa as each tries to dominate the other, those impressive tits come into play as they breast smother their rival, placing hands over mouths, scissoring their rival and trying to be the woman on top.

Their cries echo around the lounge as they struggle woman to woman fighting over their mutual man.

But is it the Brazilian raven-haired Mistress Ivy or the classy blonde Goddess Anastaxia who comes out on top in this sexy battle for a man’s affection.

Goddess Anastaxia initially wears a charcoal button dress with brown heels before stripping down to black bra and french panties

Ivy initially wears a white lace one shoulder dress and red heels before stripping down to red bra and french panties

For more Ivy see:

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