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SOS0207 Smother and Suffer - Mistress Kara, Davina Carrington and Ava Simone

It’s the legendary, Mistress Kara’s Sisterhood of Sin debut and what better way to introduce this muscular sensual beauty then this amazing Smother and Suffer encounter.

We begin with redheaded Brit, Davina Carrington already at the mercy of Mistress Kara who has her powerful legs wrapped around a helpless Davina on the bed. Mistress Kara’s pantyhose legs are entwined with Davina’s as she kisses her passionately before making her suffer with a hand over mouth smother, which makes the redhead’s eyes roll deep into her head.

Davina desperately tries to escape this dominant Alpha but MIstress Kara climbs on top of her back pinning her down to the bed, pulling her hair and biting her neck. Is Davina moaning with pain or pleasure we will let you decide, but she’s certainly not in pleasure when Mistress Kara wraps her strong arms around her neck.

Kara forcibly tribs her from behind and on top causing the friction from their pantyhose to send waves of pleasure through a thoroughly dominated Davina who is powerless to resist.

But what is this? Blonde Ava Simone enters the room. Ava owns Davina and doesn’t like Mistress Kara stealing her

She pounces on Davina and forcibly kisses her as Mistress Kara looks on. Ava turns to Mistress Kara and they begin to passionately make out.

They trib and moan in ecstasy as both women try to seduce the other, but there can only be one top dog in Mistress Kara’s eyes and she wraps her powerful legs around Ava sapping her strength before kissing and smothering her.

They rip each other’s pantyhose off..then pounce on each other again

Ava is used to being the one delivering the smothering and suffering but this is legendary Mistress Kara.

How does it feel to be on the receiving end, and forced to suffer and being smothered until you can take no more Ava?

Mistress Kara wears a leopard print bra, black thong with black Cecilia de Rafael Women's Eterno Super Lucido shiny pantyhose - pantyhose are removed

Davina Carrington wears a black strap bra, black thong with nude Cecilia de Rafael Women's Eterno Super Lucido shiny pantyhose

Ava Simone wears matching camo bra and panties with grey Cecilia de Rafael Women's Eterno Super Lucido shiny pantyhose - pantyhose are removed

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