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SOS0266 Wild Women - The Club - Dee Williams vs Ava Simone

The Club, a clandestine organisation of wild women who settle their differences in private, testing their power against each other to determine who is the most superior woman. In a hotel room two contrasting blondes have agreed to meet and test their power against each other.

Young taut hardbodied Ava Simone is already waiting for her rival busty milf, Dee Williams. As Dee enters these two waste little time flexing their biceps at each other and goading each other before locking up in a finger locked test of strength.

They press their breasts and faces against each other as they strain, but they are too evenly matched. They flex their muscles again before wrapping their arms around each other and squeezing each other tightly in a standing bearhug. Their bodies are close together and Ava’s breathing becomes quicker but is that because of the pain or because she is turned on by the massive breasts of the milf pressed against her.

They fall to the bed to continue the battle and lock their thighs around each other’s and squeeze, eliciting groans of pain.

They are locked together tightly as they grapple on the bed each momentarily obtains an advantage before being reversed. Dee’s massive tits cannot be contained by her bikini and fall out distracting Ava.

The battle rages as the two blondes battle and fight trying to desperately overpower their rival, constantly locked together, the tight scissorholds, bearhugs and strength tests continue until they realise at the end that there can be no winner, as they are so evenly matched.

Ava Simone wears a navy blue with white star motif sports bra and panties

Dee Williams wears a black shiny spandex bikini

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