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SOS0390 Wild Women - Office Wars - Lottie LaLay vs Brianna Olivia

Sisterhood of Sin resident blonde MILF, Lottie LaLay is sat in her office when new SOS recruit Brianna Olivia enters.

Lottie is not happy as Brianna has been going round the office slagging Lottie off as not being very good at her job, whilst in reality Brianna has been slacking and just looking at catfighting websites.  Lottie has decided that enough is enough and challenges Brianna to a fight.  If Lottie wins, Brianna must become her PA and do everything she asks.  If Brianna wins then Lottie will quit her job and recommend Brianna as her replacement.

They meet at Lottie’s on the mats, and after some smack talk Lottie grabs Brianna round the neck and takes her down to the mats using her stocking clad legs to spread Brianna wide.  Brianna retaliates by yanking her hair and Lottie gets in on the action by grabbing a handful of her blonde locks.

The fight takes off from there as they claw at each other, yank each other’s hair, grapevine, scissor and go all out to destroy each other.

There blouses and skirts come off in the frenetic struggle as both women are determined to win this Wild Women encounter.

Eventually one beautiful warrior can take no more and the winner isn’t finished punishing her and fully sits on the loser’s face to humiliate her even more.

Brianna Olivia wears a white blouse, black skirt, black stockings, black suspender belt before being stripped down to pink bra and thong

Lottie LaLay wears a snakeskin pattern blouse, black leather skirt, black stockings, before being stripped down to black suspender corset and black thong 

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