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SOS0288 Smother and Suffer - Venom takes Ruby Lix

Strong and powerful blonde Venom welcomes tiny Ruby Lix to the Sisterhood of Sin in this Smother and Suffer scene.

Petite Ruby doesn’t stand a chance against the SOS veteran Venom who easily takes her back and places a hand over her mouth, smothering her, and all poor Ruby can do is whimper and try to regain her breath.

Venom’s steel legs wrap around her further impeding her breathing and hands are placed around her throat as she gasps for air.

Ruby’s pitiful cries echo around the dimly lit room as she is made to endure punishment at the hands of the vastly superior, larger and stronger blonde.

Venom is able to physically manipulate Ruby with ease, and with a steely focus on her face looks to inflict the most suffering she can and make Ruby fight for breath. Rear Naked Chokes and Triangle Body Scissors are used in conjunction with hand smothers to truly make Ruby suffer who was very glad when her ordeal was over.

Welcome to the Sisterhood of Sin, Ruby Lix!

Venom wears red bra and panties and pantyhose

Ruby Lix wears black bra and panties and pantyhose

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