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SOS0327 Wild Women - Leather Thieves - Storm vs Lara

In this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter, two thieves clad in leather SOS veteran Storm and Italian visitor Lara meet on the mats to battle it out.

After the initial staredown they lock up in a prolonged finger locked text of strength trying to force each other back, their eyes locked as they jostle in their shiny leather. Eventually Lara forces Storm against the wall who is shocked that the Italian girl has overpowered her. The strain is marked on their faces, but Storm manages to reverse the situation as their leather trousers rub against each other.

The two thieves are too evenly matched and start to bear hug each other, lifting their rival off the floor and trying to crush ribs which elicits cries of pain for the two sexy thieves.

They take it to the mats and are catballed rolling around the mats, their leather clad legs completely entangled as they struggle for top position. Hands grip throats as they try to choke and weaken their opponent.

They pull each other’s hair for leverage as they continue to catball around the room, trying to choke the life out of their hated rival.

Eventually one woman slams her rival's head into the floor repeatedly and pins her down to the mats demanding that she verbally give her surrender.

The loser is left panting on the floor while the winner saunters off pleased that she has proven that not only is the superior thief, but the stronger and superior woman as well.

Lara wears a black leather jacket, shiny leather trousers and black leather boots

Storm wears a black leather jacket, shiny leather trousers and black leather boots.

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