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SOS0087 Kali vs Scorpion - Judo girls get closer

Two judokas (Kali and Scorpion) in full Gi’s are having a match, but they are very evenly matched. Their bodies are entwined, feet and legs intertwined, faces close together and breathing heavy from the exertion. Scorpion suggests that they go back to her place to finish it, Kali agrees.

Back at Scorpion’s apartment, like tribal warriors the two engage in a series of body locked tests of strength with neither able to secure an advantage, their bodies are intertwined as every part of their bodies are used in an attempt to beat their opponent. Kali is younger, but Scorpion is more experienced and stronger, their breathing becomes increasingly heavier as both are aroused by the intense body to body, woman to woman struggle.

They choke each other, pull each other hairs, grab each others breasts, and then hips begin to move rhythmically as the erotic intensity is ramped up, they grind and writhe against each other each desperate to prove that she is the better warrior. The tribbing becomes more intense until they both reach an erotic nirvana and agree to meet again as they both lay spent on the carpet.

Scorpion wears a white gi and then a black latex bikini

Kali wears a blue gi and then a leopard print bikini

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