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SOS0399 Wild Women - Lara vs Davina Carrington

Two catsuit-clad beauties in the form of Sisterhood of Sin veterans Davina Carrington and sultry Italian Lara meet up on the mats.  As they compare bodies they agree that there will be a forfeit for the loser in that she will have to lick the winner’s boots.  Both women are experienced SOS competitors and are both confident that they will emerge victorious in this Wild Women encounter.

They put on their leather gloves and lock up in a standing armwrestle, very little separates them so they then lock fingers in a test of strength and take it down to the mats.

They use powerful arms and legs to control and punish each other and squeeze each other in scissorholds as they catball in their catsuits, boots and gloves over the mats.

Their cries of pain echo around the mats as they strive to win and avoid suffering the post match penalty.  Finally one proud warrior can take no more and suffers the indignity of cleaning the winner’s boots with her tongue as punishment for losing.

Davina Carrington wears a black lycra catsuit, with grey gloves and black leather boots

Lara wears a red lycra catsuit with black gloves and black leather boots

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