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SOS0401 Dark and Intense - Mistrix Kali vs Brianna Olivia

The Sisterhood of Sin Dark and Intense style is the domain of Mistrix Kali, many women have fallen to her on the dark oily tarpaulin and now SOS new sensation Brianna Olivia has foolishly agreed to meet the Sisterhood’s apex predator in her signature match.

They are all smiles as they start and agree to a fun and easy match.  Kali easily takes a smiling Brianna down to the mats. It is just the beginning of an erotically charged encounter between two contrasting but equally beautiful competitors.

Brianna finds herself trapped in bodyscissors, grapevines and smothers.  She is made to kiss, but responds with equal vigor and when she can tribs Kali vigorously to try and not be completely overwhelmed.

But this is Kali and Brianna never really stood a chance as she is subjected to Kali’s unique combination of sadistic sensuality and like many, many women before her succumbs to the Sisterhood of Sin’s apex predator.

Brianna Olivia wears white bra and thong

Kali wears a wetlook pvc black bodysuit

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