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SOS0400 Unleashed - Lottie LaLay vs Alba Zevon

Two of the Sisterhood of Sin’s sexiest blonde bombeshells meet in an Unleashed oil encounter as busty Italian Alba Zevon takes on Lottie LaLay in a sizzling sexfight encounter,.

They waste little time getting to grips with each other in the slippery oil, mashing their toned bodies together as they scissor and grapevine each other.  It doesn’t take long until the lock their pussies in a sexfighting trib duel.  

Their moans of pleasure and pain grow as they grind their wet pussies together.  These two hot blondes continue in an erotic trib duel, until their waves of intense pleasure become too much of one of these oil soaked gladiators.

The winner continues to punish her smiling knowing that she has won a victory in the battle of the hot blondes.

Alba Zevon wears blue bra and thong with pantyhose

Lottie LaLay wears a red bra and thong with pantyhose 

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