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SOS0100 The Big Score - Inferno, Luna, Scorpion, Jade & Laken

This is not only “The Big Score” this is also the BIG ONE, SOS0100! This is a specially produced feature length custom clip and we are celebrating release our one hundredth video by releasing it at a reduced price.

This hour long storyline video features the creme de la creme of the British scene as Inferno, Luna, Jade and Laken join Scorpion in bringing this custom to life.

Somewhere in London, Inferno and her loyal enforcer Luna are awaiting the driver to move a shipment of diamonds, the doorbell goes and Luna goes to the door, but its an ambush! Scorpion and Jade are their to steal the diamonds for themselves.

They hogtie and gag Inferno and Luna, obtaining the information they needed they make their departure.

The robbers old associate Laken, returns from a jog to find Scorpion waiting having broken into her apartment, and whatever the nefarious duo are into she wants no part of it, unfortunately for Laken she doesn’t have a choice as she is ambushed by Jade. They tie and gag Laken but once they leave her alone she manages to escape letting Inferno and Luna know where her former friends are. Jade tries to stop Laken but after they wrestler is overpowered and held at knife point, but she is saved by Scorpion.

But it’s too late as Inferno and Luna know where they are…

Alliances are forged and broken as the five women try to get the upper hand and obtain the diamonds.

Filmed across multiple locations with props and costume changes this clips features female wrestling, bondage, lesbian domination and erotic overtones.

If you’d like a custom clip then use the Contact Us page.

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