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SOS0106 Scorpion humiliates Larry at the Office - Pantyhose Facesit, Scissorhold and Sissy Reveal

Davina (Scorpion) has summoned Larry to her office. Larry is more than happy to oblige her thinks it’s because she is reciprocating his feelings, when in fact it's the reverse she is fed up with him perving over her.

The deluded Larry still thinks he is in with a chance, as she kicks her off her heels, grabs him in a headlock and throws him to the floor. “You’re a feisty girl” he says, then realises this is a mistake as she places a hand over his mouth limiting his breathing.

Larry is going to learn the hard way not to mess with Davina as she sits on his face, smothering him, and squeezes his head between her powerful thighs.

There is little Larry can do as he is dominated by her, eventually she lifts him up by his tie, and forces him against the wall and forces him to take his trousers down, which reveals he is wearing women’s panties. Oh dear, Larry your secret is out now.

Scorpion wears a white blouse with vertical pattern, black mini skirt, black pantyhose and animal print high heels.

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