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SOS0109 Antscha in Total Control - Scissor Domination

What happens Hungarian hardbody and experienced grappler Antscha is in a sadistic mood? A young English boy is about to find out!

Robbie (or little Chicken, as Antscha refers to him) gets scissored and facesat into oblivion whilst being constantly being verbally berated. Antscha is at her domineering best as she shows off her biceps, legs and abs to maximum effect as she squeezes and punishes Robbie into an inch of his life.

Antscha as been around for a long time, and she does not miss a beat against a younger male opponent, you will marvel at what incredible shape she is in, and just how cruel she can be to this young stud.

As the title of the video says Antscha is in total control, and toys with her new plaything whilst relentlessly and cruelly scissoring him.

The outcome is inevitable as Robbie is left splayed out on the mat while a laughing Antscha flexes above his defeated form.

Antscha wears black sports bra, daisy duke high cut denim micro-shorts and black knee-high socks

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