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SOS0121 Kiana vs Scorpion - Double Crossing Spies

At long last the Sisterhood of Sin is able to release this custom clip featuring the black muscle goddess Kiana. You loved her debut in SOS0105 and now she stars in this clip as she is a rival captured and tied up by Scorpion.

Our story begins with Kiana bound and forced up a stairwell as Scorpion's prisoner. Kiana is bound and gagged and left on the sofa in Scorpion's lair, while the redhead leaves to make a phone call, Kiana manages to free her hands and she jumps her attacker. But her escape is cut short as Scorpion is able to gain the upper hand and once again gain control of her prisoner.

Scorpion seems enamoured by Kiana's amazing muscle goddess physique and duct tapes her mouth and ties her up again after removing her catsuit as she schemes about what she intends to do with this amazing physical specimen later that night. She takes Kiana to her bedroom and takes full advantage of the helpless beauty kissing and caressing her body, but her phone goes and she has to leave Kiana alone to take the call.

Big mistake Scorpion, as her prisoner manages to escape her bonds again and this time there is no way she is going to be tied up again.

One woman is caught in a rear naked choke and then bound and gagged to a chair while her rival gloats at her discomfort and misfortune, but is it the dastardly redhead or the statuesque muscle goddess.

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