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SOS0402 Wild Women - Mothers at War - Zoe Page & Ivy Rain

It’s a classic Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women redhead versus brunette encounter as SOS regulars, Zoe Page and Ivy Rain portray two mothers who are having a disagreement over their sons.

Ivy is sitting on the sofa when Zoe just walks in and the two women begin to argue and it isn’t long before things begin to get physical.

They begin by pulling each other’s hair before taking it down to the floor and they become entangled in a catball, a mass of legs and arms as they fight.

They scissor and maul each other, ripping away each other’s clothes until they are just in their bra, panties and pantyhose.  They wrench back on each other’s necks and bearhug each other trying to come out on top.

The close friction of their bodies and the pantyhose on their clits, begins to arouse both Ivy and Zoe and it isn’t long until interspersed with the fighting they begin to trib, eliciting moans of pleasure amidst the pain.

The tribbing becomes faster and the two lock lips, kissing each other as their moans intensify as the camera fades to black.

Ivy Rain wears glasses, red blouse and floral skirt before being stripped down to pink bra, pink panties and pantyhose

Zoe Page wears glasses, black blouse and black skirt before being stripped down to black bra, black panties and black pantyhose

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